Just a couple of decades ago, unwed or teenage mothers who agreed to adoption had their babies whisked away right after birth. A nurse immediately took control of the baby, and the mother barely caught sight of the child she brought into this world.


Today, the process is much different for pregnant women.


There are many good benefits that a lady can request when an individual or family is finally selected to adopt a child. These benefits include:


Financial Compensation

In most cases, a lady who decides to put a child up for legal adoption can receive financial compensation. An amount can be decided by the adoptive family prior to arranging the legal paperwork. Some uninformed pregnant women do not know they can be paid for adoption instead of paying out-of-pocket for an abortion.


Paid Housing and Relocation Expenses

Some ladies have left home and have no housing during their pregnancy term. State law protects pregnant females by allowing them to receive housing expenses often paid for by an adoptive family. The expenses can include a relocation to a newer and much safer housing area during and up to six months after a child is born.


Transportation and Medical Care

Women who do not have transportation while pregnant can receive no charge transportation to and from home to make scheduled appointments with doctors. This medical care is provided at no cost and may include counseling services.


Cell Phone and Clothing

Being able to keep in touch with loved ones, friends or counselors is important during any pregnancy. Because women can often be unemployed or have no way to pay for a cell phone, arranged adoption can include payment for a cell phone and adequate clothing expenses.


Paid Legal Expenses

When adoption is arranged, an adoptive family typically pays for any and all legal expenses for a pregnant women. Aside from providing a loving home, these individuals help to make certain that the rights of a lady and child are protected during the adoption process.


Minors Under 18 Are Eligible

While laws do vary by state, most pregnant women who are 17 years of age have legal consent. Women who are younger than 14 years of age must have parental consent prior to arranging an adoption. No court appearance is necessary when the adoption takes place. This helps keeps things anonymous.


Additional information that ladies should know include:

  • Can live in or out of state
  • Adoptions can be open or closed
  • Unlimited questions can be asked to adoptive parents
  • Adoption papers can be signed after the birth of a child
  • Adoptive parents go through intensive background checks
  • Adoptive adults must complete a home study investigation
  • Photos and child updates can be given to birth mothers
  • Post-placement supervision of a child is required for 90-days after adoption


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